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Wedeco UV Units

Wedeco Aquada UV disinfection systems are suitable for both domestic and industrial situations. With a choice of three models in five sizes, you can choose the most suitable solution for your application. 

Wedeco Aquada UV systems have a stainless steel chamber that surrounds a high purity quartz glass sleeve, into which is positioned the UV lamp. Water passing between the sleeve and the chamber wall is subjected to the ultraviolet light. Any micro-organism present in the water is effectively rendered harmless by the UV light which alters its DNA structure - it can no longer reproduce and thus loses its pathogenic effect. It is recommended that as a minimum, a 5 micron sediment filter is installed prior to the UV unit. UV light can destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within seconds. 

  • Effective inactivation of dangerous organisms that can pass through other treatment processes and reach your tap.

  • No harmful chemicals or by-products: No residuals or harmful chemical by-products (such as Trihalomethanes) are introduced into the water.

  • No affect on taste and water quality: UV does not affect the taste, odour or clarity of the water.

  • Simple to install, low maintenance: Aquada UV systems are easily installed in your household water line following any pretreatment that may be required. UV lamps are easy to replace and only require changing after one full year of use

  • Economical: Aquada UV systems require less energy than a typical household light bulb yet can disinfect the entire water flow to your home. 

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