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Pumps in Energy Production – Fracking

According to legend, the last words of the ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes, were “Nōlī turbāre circulōs meōs!” - the Latin translation of “Do not disturb my circles!” referring to the circle calculations he had drawn in the sand in the hours leading up to his death.

When faced by the Roman soldiers who ultimately were his demise, the great man stressed the importance of leaving the work drawn in the land in front of him intact.

This reliance on the earth and nature to help Archimedes discover incredibly influential principles of science makes it even sadder that one of his great discoveries, the screw pump, is currently being used in one of the most envi­ron­men­tally-controversial ventures the world has ever seen - fracking.

The Role of Pumps

The well-stimulation technique Hydraulic Fracturing (colloquially-known as fracking) heavily utilises pump technology to transport fracturing fluid into and through a wellbore to increase the pressure and crack the targeted rock.

Further increasing the pressure forces the rock fracture to increase, allowing natural gas, petroleum and brine to flow more freely – making these fuels accessible.

Specially designed pumps have been developed to complete the hydraulic fracturing process due to the increasingly high levels of pressure required as the act of fracking continues to plunge deeper under the earth’s surface.

Fracking Controversies

Fracking has been widely challenged by envi­ron­men­talist groups concerned about its impact upon nature: releasing excessive methane into the atmosphere as well as uranium, radium, radon and thorium.

The Green Party in particular have provided very vocal opposition to fracking, with it being central to their policies in local, national and European campaigns.

The party are currently seeking support in their petition opposing fracking - suggesting it will accelerate climate change and put communities at risk.

The Benefits of Fracking

Whilst fracking has developed a certain stigma due to the environmental concerns held by its opposition, there are many benefits to increasing the access to natural gas, petroleum and brine.

What is Fracking lists a number of the commercials and domestic benefits of fracking including uses in cooking, transport and heating.

David Cameron maintains that fracking has the capability of lowering the UK’s energy bills significantly – a claim refuted by opposition bodies.

The Future of Fracking

The fiercely contested future of fracking is somewhat uncertain with the act being made illegal in some countries and US states whilst existing bans have been overturned in other parts of the world (including areas of the UK).

It is hard to determine which side will come out on top of the fracking debate, but it certainly does seem to be coming to a head.

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