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Storm Jonas — One Vital Tip to Protect Lives & Property

Have you been out and about today? If so, then you can’t fail to have noticed just how windy it is - depending on which way you’re walking, you could arrive at your destination half an hour early or half an hour late! This unsettled weather is the remains of Storm Jonas, which has been sweeping across the USA’s eastern seaboard over the past few days. Though referred to as the ‘tail-end’ of Storm Jonas, it is still going to pack quite a punch, posing a particular risk in those areas of the country which have already been subject to flooding recently. Is your property in the warning zone?

The news has been focusing sharply on the USA’s long and complex east coast over the past few days, bringing astonishing images of familiar landmarks such as the WHite House and Lincoln Memorial almost totally obscured by shifting waves of seemingly-endless frozen precipitation. A full two feet of snow fell in some areas - quickly forming a thick and impenetrable blanket as it froze in the blisteringly-cold temperatures, the phenomenon caught many people off-guard, trapping them inside their homes without power, water or means of communication.

Those who could get out of their homes really had no wish to. Heavy snowdrifts made roads and rails unusable, leading to bare shelves in the shops - this was not helped by the panic buying that naturally happens in such situations. Unstable structures collapsed under the weight of the all-encompassing drifts and most airline services were cancelled - those that did attempt to take off quickly abandoned the idea as aeroplanes skidded recklessly out of control. Tragically, ten people have lost their lives due to various effects of Storm Jonas.

As Storm Jonas crossed the Atlantic, it lost much of its powerful and inarguable force - luckily, this is a common occurrence for storms that manage to make it to our shores from the USA. This certainly does not mean that the UK should let down its guard as the remnants of the massive storm are still strong enough to warrant a YELLOW WEATHER WARNING being issued by the Met Office, covering a massive area which includes all of Scotland, Wales and the North West of England. Flooding is extremely likely as the milder air of the UK turns the snow to rain - recently flooded areas where the ground is still saturated are at particular risk.

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