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Take Control with the Aylesbury Float valve

Controlling stored water levels in cold water storage tanks can be a problem but it is all solved with the use of a single, high quality product available from CPS. The Keraflo Float Valve is all you need and the benefits are huge so check out all the details and get ready for an easier life!

To give it its full name, the Keraflo Aylesbury KP Type Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve has been designed to provide the most efficient and accurate method to keep that crucial stored water level correct, with or without float valve chambers. Comprising a sleek inline control valve with the KP type valve acting as a pilot, the system gives you  totally variable delayed action and so it's perfect for either mains or pump systems.

40mm Keraflo KP Type Inline and Variable Delayed Action Float ValveSo, how does it work? When the level of water in a tank drops, the KP valve keeps its cool and stays closed, leaving a delay until the water falls to the position YOU decide. When this user-selected level is reached, it is only then that the valve snaps open and lets the maximum flow rate return. Snapping closed again once the full level is reached, the valve prevents any needless dribbling.

Excellent flow rate performance with a high Kv value is guaranteed and the raised valve chamber does not have to get in the way as with some models, as only a ¾” valve and discharge assembly needs to be accommodated. Once installed, the Aylesbury valve runs at an extremely quiet sound level; this is because all of those water hammers, valve bounces, hisses and dribbles you’ve grown to know and hate are eliminated. Keeping the tank lid closed prevents the need for re-chlorination and the control valve is externally mounted to ensure ease of inspection, adusting and maintenance.

Anyone who has installed float valves knows their heavy weight and cumbersome shape. When this Aylesbury is mounted at floor level outside the tank, there is no heavy lifting involved and so the installation can easily be carried out by one person.

Why not check out even more of the features of this revolutionary product? Available to order now from Complete Pump Supplies.

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