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The 5 Biggest Pumps in the World

Following the EU’s activation of the Mechanisms for Civil Protection to help Serbia in the wake of the devastating floods that the country suffered, member states stepped forward and provided the country with much-needed, high-capacity drainage pumps.
These high power pumps have inspired us at Complete Pump Supplies to search for the world’s five largest pumps.
The New Orleans Floodwall
After the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, a massive-scale New Orleans rebuild was necessitated and a huge relief drive was set in motion.
One of the largest jobs that was incorporated into the rebuilding of New Orleans was installing preventative measures to protect the city against any future natural disasters.
Due to the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Pontchartrain, it is likely that similar disasters could strike again.
Central to the preventative measures was the $500-million pump station implemented to protect the 240,000 residents of the city.
Should another hurricane hit the city, the station will combat the risk of flooding by channelling up to 150,000 gallons of water per second.
The Mundra UMPP
As the world’s second most populous country with more than a billion citizens, it is only natural that India’s installations are carried out on a much bigger scale than almost anywhere else in the world.
The upcoming MW Mundra UMPP will be installed in India and will help generate 2% of the country’s power needs, serving 16 million domestic, industrial and agricultural consumers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.
The Abu Dhabi Wastewater Tunnel
The incredible sums of money that are being invested in Abu Dhabi have necessitated an improved and expanded infrastructure.
As a part of this endeavour the Abu Dhabi Services Company have started work on a pumping station that has been dubbed as the world’s largest.
The UAE is the world’s third largest consumer of water, with each person using an average of 550 litres per day, making a durable sewage system incredibly important.    
Plas Newydd Source Heat Pump
The National Trust installed the UK’s largest marine source pump earlier this year in the Plas Newydd mansion.
Sat by shore of the Menai Straights the National Trust-owned mansion overlooks the mountains of Snowdonia.
It is a part of the £5.3million scheme in a bid to improve the energy efficiency of National Trust properties.
Croft Castle, Ickworth, Hafod y Porth and Stickle Ghyll are the other National Trust properties to receive attention.
Värtan Ropsten
The Värtan Ropsten is the world’s largest sea water heat pump facility, helping to make Stockholm, Sweden one of the world’s cleanest capital cities.
The huge pump caters for up to 60% of the city’s population.
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