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Flexfiller Mini, Flexfiller Midi, Flexfiller Standard and Flexfiller Twin System

The need for a large, cumbersome and heavy cold water storage tank, often located in the loft of a property, could be negated by the installation of a Flamco Flexfiller Pressurisation Unit. These quality products can also be safely and successfully used in place of a header tank, which can leave the sensitive components of hot and cold water systems - such as pipework, boilers and heat exchangers - vulnerable to corrosion.

A hot or cold water system that features a pressurisation unit is ‘sealed’ to prevent any air from entering and the intake of fresh water is limited to just allow for any small leakage within. This improves efficiency and, in turn, energy usage, delivering financial as well as practical benefits.

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Flexfiller Mini

This compact model has been designed to work with chilled water systems that utilise an expansion vessel with a capacity of 50 litres or less. For water heating systems, the Flexfiller Mini can safely and efficiently accommodate expansion vessel capacities of up to 300 litres.

Flexfiller Midi

With all the benefits of the previous model, the Flexfiller Midi can be supplied as a single or twin pump system and securely mounted on a wall.

Flexfiller Standard

This pressurisation unit is also available with mono/duo pump options and is freestanding, offering increased stability.

Flexfiller Twin System

The Twin System is used when a single unit is required to control 2 no separate heating systems or 1 no heating system and 1 no chiller system etc.

An extremely popular choice, these completely-enclosed units deliver the ultimate in user-friendly operation. The model features a powerful microprocessor with common BMS facility or individual high and low pressure trip facility. Both high and low pressure levels can be quickly, easily and accurately monitored and a complete collection of useful diagnostic tools is also provided.

All Flamco Flexfiller Pressurisation Units offer comprehensive Cat5 protection and have been fully approved for UK use by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). As with our entire range of products, Complete Pump Supplies guarantee to offer an extremely competitive price along with unrivalled customer service from first contact to final delivery and beyond into after-sales service.

Don’t forget we can also supply everything else you need to make your water system the best it can be. Ready to improve your hot or cold water system with a quality pressurisation unit? Call CPS today.

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