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The Professional Standard — Hyundai Air Compressors

Like any other gas, air can be compressed into a much smaller space than it originally occupied, turning it into a force that we can put to use in countless different ways. At extremes, air becomes extremely powerful (think of the difference between a breeze and a hurricane!) and it must be treated with caution and respect to ensure that its innate strength is only used to our advantage and does not cause accident or injury. This involves choosing the very best equipment and tools and this is where we come in. When you want to compress air, you’re going to want an air compressor - welcome to the world of Hyundai.

As one of the newest members of Hyundai Power Equipment’s dedicated distributor network, we are excited to be expanding our collection of the company’s globally-recognised brand of products from generators to water pumps. We also now supply Hyundai Air Compressors, designed to deliver power and precision from start to finish in all air compressing applications from professional to domestic, especially powering air tools - choose the best from a company with extensive experience in

all fields of engineering.

Air Compressors from Hyundai are available powered by petrol or electricity - check out some of the features and benefits of the electric series below.

Electric Air Compressors

  • With a compact direct drive, these compressors are designed for professional or experienced DIYer use

  • Oil-less, the machine produces up to 2.4cfm free air delivery output

  • Perfect for hundreds of applications in construction and renovation, from powering nail guys and paint sprayers to panelling, craft and flooring work

  • Plugs directly into a standard mains socket

  • Weighs just over 17kg which, combined with a portable design, makes for easy maneuvering and storage

  • Rolled steel tank and low-speed electric motor and pressure sensor attach to a robust, conveniently-carried frame

  • Drain any excess water quickly and cleanly via an integral drain valve

  • These models are plug-and-play and will go from being in the box to fully operational in minutes

  • Quiet running - just 63dB at a 7m distance

  • Full product backup and 1-year warranty from Hyundai

Look out for our next article coming soon with all the details of petrol air compressors from Hyundai and available to purchase from CPS, an official distributor. To make sure you don't miss out follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter here!

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