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Thermostatic Mixing Valves Save Lives

Products such as thermostatic mixing valves play a vital role in hot water safety and, in places where there are children or vulnerable adults, it is crucial that they are installed, always by a qualified professional.

National Burn Awareness Day is a relatively new event and is now in its second year. The safety initiative was spearheaded by the Children’s Burns Trust and will take place on 21st October 2015, in a bid to reduce the shocking numbers of people admitted to hospital every day in the UK due to scalding.

Every year, around 600 people suffer serious injuries caused by hot water - around three-quarters of these people are children and, sadly, around 20 die. These injuries are mainly suffered in baths but there are also a significant number of people burned while showering or simply washing their hands. Many of these cases could have been prevented entirely had a thermostatic mixing valve been in place - the fact that the horrific injuries need not ever have happened at all makes it all the more important that more awareness is raised.

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and rest homes, legislation applies to ensure that thermostatic mixing valves are installed but the law does not, of course, apply to private homes, where many of the accidents occur. The problem seems simply to be that people are not generally aware that a single, low-cost and easily-installed component could immediately ensure optimum safety at the hot water outlet.

As well as preventing accidents from scalding, thermostatic mixing valves also allow water to be stored at the recommended 60°C, helping to stop the growth of Legionella. The components improve energy efficiency by reducing hot water consumption, blending cold water to create the perfect temperature every time.

Many of our thermostatic mixing valves are currently available with an attractive 45% price discount, combining cost-effectiveness with peace of mind.

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