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Things every plumber wants you to know

Things every plumber wants you to know

Hiring a plumber is something everyone needs to do at some point in their life. Whether it’s installing a new water system, providing knowledge on the best pump supplies, or simply fixing a leaking pipe, there are things only a specialist plumber can help with. To make their jobs a little easier, we’ve put together a guide to some of the things every plumber wants you to know!

Don’t delay repairs


When you notice something’s wrong with your home, don’t delay in getting a plumber out to fix it. Issues like a leaky faucet can be easily dealt with in the early stages. If left for some time, however, the only option can be to replace the faucet entirely, which is not only more costly for you but it also makes the plumbers job more difficult. The same goes for issues such as low water pressure, leaky pipes and running toilets — all of which cause a huge amount of water waste if left untreated. 


Leave it to the experts


You might like to think you’re the king or queen of DIY, but unless you’re trained in plumbing, it’s always best to leave it to the pros! As simple as some jobs may look, it’s important to always hire a specialist plumber to fix any issues that arise in the home. The likelihood is that by tampering with systems yourself you could make matters worse, which is bad news for both the plumber and your bank balance. The good news is, you can channel your DIY energy into preventing water leaks in the home to save any hassle in the long run. 


Give as much information as possible


The more a plumber knows about what’s been happening with your plumbing system and the root of any issues, the better. Don’t skimp on the detail, giving as much information as possible to ensure the job is done to the best standard with the appropriate equipment and pump supplies. 


Don’t store too much stuff under the sink


The area underneath the kitchen sink is widely known as the dedicated storage space for cleaning products, sponges and other bits and bobs. While it’s fine to keep a few items under the sink, make sure you don’t jam too many products under there to avoid the curved pipes of drain taps from being knocked about and dislodged. 


Stop pouring grease down the drain


Pouring grease down the drain might seem like the best option at the time, but it’s one of the worst things you can do in regards to home maintenance. Pouring excess grease from food down your drain can cause clogs which are otherwise easily avoided. Instead of doing this, pour grease into your bin and wipe out your pan with some kitchen roll to save your plumber a trip!

Keep un-flushable items out of the loo


Wet wipes, sanitary products, food, or anything that’s not toilet roll should never be flushed down your toilet! These items can not only cause clogs (resulting in a nasty job for your plumber), but also accumulate within sewers causing an even nastier job for sewer workers. 

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