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Things to consider before renovating your bathroom

It’s normal to feel like a bit of home renovation from time to time, and if your bathroom is in serious need of some TLC, it might be time to think about giving it a much needed update. Before doing so, however, there’s a number of things you need to think about to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new bathroom. From choosing a mains water booster pump to planning the layout, here’s four tips on what to consider before your bathroom renovation.  

Think about design  

Design plays a big part in the renovation of any room. Depending on your taste, the most popular design choices for bathrooms feature white tiles and neutral walls,  but if this isn’t your style, consider recent bathroom trends such as marble worktops and brighter colour schemes. You’ll also need to think about the layout of the bathroom - do you want everything to stay in the same place or would you rather mix it up? Doing so means some extra plumbing maintenance, so think carefully about time constraints or budgets.  

Consider space  

You might have found your dream bathroom layout and design, but without the right amount of space, this might not always be possible. If you have a smaller bathroom and your main concern is the lack of space, why not make some room by substituting your bath for just a shower. It’s likely you spend more time in the shower anyway, and by boosting water pressure with the right home booster pump, your shower can be just as heavenly and relaxing as any bath!  

Plan your plumbing  

Plumbing is one of the biggest things to consider when it comes to updating your bathroom. If your bathroom is on the old side, your plumbing system may be corroded with rust which leads to low water pressure. If you have access to your pipes, you can fix this with some spray lubricant and the right tools. For better water pressure overall, consider investing in a mains water booster pump to take your new bathroom the extra mile.  

Decide where to splurge and where to save  

For the smallest room in the home, you’d be surprised how quickly costs can add up. Before you begin, set out a budget on what definitely needs to be done and what can wait. Try and spend more money on things such as plumbing, the shower, the sink basin and bathroom hardware. If your floor tiles can do without being replaced altogether, think about simply giving them a thorough clean or freshen up with a coat of tile paint. Unless you have the cash, fancy bathroom features such as heated floors can wait till another date!  

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