Things to Think About when Considering Building a Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool is pretty much guaranteed to be a huge investment, but what a great amenity it would be to have at your home. You would certainly be the talk of your friends and would likely need learn to be a great host – if you’re not already! For fitness and leisure purposes, having your very own pool can be very rewarding. However, it would require a considerable amount of maintenance and care. That’s why in this post, we look at points to weigh up, before taking the plunge!


Depending upon the layout of your property, you may have the option to choose between building an indoor or an outdoor pool. Indoor pools can cost up to four times more than outdoor, though the investment in the indoor option could result in a much higher rate of usage – all year round. If you were to go for indoor, you would need to think about how you would reach the pool, through your kitchen, utility room or basement even?

Here you need to really think about how you are likely to use your pool most. Are you a keen swimmer who would prefer to access the pool even on those cold winter mornings? Or would the pool be a glamorous addition to your home, that you intend to use in the heat of the Summer sun - relaxing and partying with family and friends?

Appearance and Features

How will you design your pool? If you are to build indoors, perhaps sliding doors on at least one edge would allow you to feel as though you are bringing the outside in when enjoying your swim. Think about the shape of pool that you would like, a classic rectangular pool would be best for swimmers, though if you are a little more restricted with space, you might like to utilise this in creating something unique. Access through steps and ladders are something to consider, along with in-pool features like heaters and jets. You could really have some fun with colour with the tiles you choose, going for something bold and statement, or naturally and earthy, in-keeping with nature.


As mentioned earlier, building a swimming pool unfortunately does require some maintenance! However, by investing in some great products in the initial build, the costs of upkeep can be kept to a minimum. Swimming pool pumps from our manufacturers Calpeda and DAB ensure that water is efficiently recirculated and filtered. Other additional products you will need include skimming, vacuuming and brushing products. Your pool must also be a safe place to swim, with the water measuring between a specific range on the PH scale – chlorine and other chemicals will be required to make sure bacteria and germs remain at bay.