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Top tips to prevent pipes from freezing

With all the snow and ice that has gripped Britain recently, freezing pipes are the re-occurring nightmare for homeowners that are back with a vengeance; fortunately, at Complete Pump Supplies, we have the knowledge and the solution to banish those nightmares for good.

Let the tap drip

The sound of dripping water can be annoying – actually it was used as a form of torture in ancient China and Italy, but a dripping tap is a good preventative strategy, particularly if you suspect your pipes might freeze over at some point. When a pipe freezes over, this can lead to a build-up of pressure which can then force the pipe to burst. If the tap is dripping, then this pressure will be allowed to escape, which at the very least will minimise chances of catastrophic damage.


In a lot of cases, an extra layer over your pipes can be sufficient to prevent the temperature from lowering enough to freeze. This can be an easy solution, as simple as applying some foam-rubber, or even a well-positioned towel or cloth. The most vulnerable pipes are generally the ones that run outside, or are in areas outside of the usual corridors of the heated house (for example, in the attic or basement). Although it should be noted, this approach can be costly or even unfeasible if the poorly-insulated pipes are behind walls or floors that are in the way and have to be removed.

Keep the house warm with Complete Pump Supplies

This tip might come with slightly higher bills at the end of the month, but failing to do could result in a much costlier repair job if the pipes do indeed burst. Now, keeping the house warm only means at a temperature that is likely to prevent freezing. If you’re away from home and worried about the pipes freezing over, ‘warm’ doesn't have to be a comfortable temperature, just one that’ll be a good preventative measure. This can be particularly relevant if you have a holiday home or are out-of-the-house in an area that’s liable to experience sub-zero temperatures from time to time.

A key way to keep the house warm is with a heating pump. Heating pumps seek a uniform temperature, mixing the colder spaces with the warmer spaces. We have a great selection of heating pumps here at Complete Pump Supplies for you to check out once you’ve finished reading this. They’ll ensure the heat in your piping system will be properly distributed and the problem dealt with. 

Encourage warm air circulation

Leaving the doors open on the kitchen and sink cabinets can make a crucial difference in preventing your pipes from freezing over, as this allows the warm air in the house to envelope them unimpeded. Leaving your loft hatch door open is also recommended, as pipes up in the loft are vulnerable.

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