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Want to Save Over £500?!

Grundfos Max-E-Boost Single Pump Booster Set

Are you ready for the Showcase Showdown? No, you haven’t landed in the middle of an episode of ‘The Price is Right’ - you are about to experience the Complete Pump Supplies Products of the Month section! Though you will find that our prices certainly are right and the products are brand spanking new so why not come on down…?

Wine, books, movies, even colours - everything nowadays seems to have its own ‘of the month’ section so we thought we wouldn’t be left out and decided to create our own. As the calendar pages turn, we reveal an ever-changing but always-glittering array of products that are the talk of the town at the moment in our diverse sector. And, as always, you’re likely to find an unmissable bargain or two (or five!) lurking, just waiting to be discovered and taken advantage of. As with all of our products, you’re guaranteed absolute satisfaction at a competitive price - that’s the CPS Promise. Happy shopping!

So what products have made it onto our sneak preview list for what is supposed to be the hottest month of the year? Let’s find out just two of them…

  • Lowara DOC3 GT Drainage/ Dirty Water Pump Tube Floatswitch – from one of the biggest names in the business, these DOC pumps can be used successfully on clean or dirty water applications including small sumps and basement drainage. Three versions are available with either Vortex or channel impellers and a float switch can be supplied if required. Dry running and overheating are always a worry in these situations but not with this professional pump, which has integral thermal overload protection for your peace of mind

  • Grundfos Max-E-Boost Single Pump Booster Set – better your bathrooms with this model, which is packed with features including a pressure vessel, isolating and non-return valves, anti-vibration mountings and a highly-accurate pressure transducer. Commissioning the vessel is simplified with a drain cock and powerful, state-of-the-art E-Pump motor technology ensures reliability and consistency throughout the property

There are two more products waiting to be discovered in our Products of the Month section and one of them has got a very special 30% discount on its standard price tag. Are you bargain fingers itching? To find out what you could be saving more than £500 on, visit the page here...

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