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What are GRP water storage tanks and why do you need one?

Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we offer a wide range of cold water storage tanks, including one piece, two piece and bespoke tanks. To give you more of an idea on the products we offer and what they’re used for, take a look at our guide to GRP water tanks.  

What are GRP storage tanks?

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is a fibre made from a plastic matrix reinforced by fibreglass. Known for their strong and robust qualities, GRP materials are what we use for all our water storage tanks here at Complete Pump Supplies. Unlike many other tanks, GRP tanks have a higher level of durability due to their resistance to corrosion, and are also incredibly easy to manage due to the lightweight material making them the favourable choice even when compared to metals.  

What are they used for?

Like other cold water storage tanks, GRP tanks are used for storing a large volume of water in order to supply the hot and cold systems that aren’t directly fed by the rising mains. The water level within cold water tanks is controlled by a float operated valve that allows water to enter once the level drops below what’s required. The purpose of the tank is preventing possibly contaminated water from the house from flowing back into the main. 

Insulated or Uninsulated?

At Complete Pump Supplies, some of the cold water storage tanks we offer vary between insulated or uninsulated models. There are benefits to both these water tanks. Insulated tanks, for example, are good for locations that are cold or where there’s high humidity. In the UK especially, we’re often subject to cold weather that can cause tanks and pipes to freeze, which is where insulation comes in handy. Products like our 160 litre insulated storage tank are fully WRAS approved, and suitable for both potable and non potable storage.  

With uninsulated tanks, all internal surfaces, including the lid, have a white gel coat layer that provides a smooth surface that stops the growth of microbiological organisms. If you wish to insulate your un-insulated water tank during the Winter months, this can be easily done by wrapping an insulating jacket around the tank. For a cost-effective un-insulated water tank, shop the 125 Litre Un-Insulated Water Tank. This style is available up to 9000 litres depending on your property’s needs, just shop the full range now to find your perfect size!

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