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Your Cash Helps Children's Hospice – How Much Was Raised..?

Claire House Children’s Hospice

Did you choose to improve your water system with products from CPS during 2015? If so, then your purchases of over £250 per transaction directly benefited Claire House Hospice, our chosen charity last year. We added up the figures and presented staff at the children’s hospice with a cheque recently - can you guess how much we raised?

Claire House is more than just a hospice - it is a sanctuary. It was set up to be of help to terminally-ill children who, as a result of currently incurable medical conditions, are put in the tragic position of having a shorter life expectancy than their own parents. Naturally, such parents are themselves put in an unimaginable position and placed under incredibly difficult psychological and emotional strain.

Facilities at the purpose-built hospice include a swimming pool, playrooms, libraries and media equipment - all are designed to allow families to build up a store of happy memories together and ease the difficulties felt at a time when coping with the pressures seems insurmountable. Claire House is there when children and parents need it most.

Offering support, practical care, advice and, most importantly, love to these children and their families is something that comes naturally to the dedicated staff at Claire House Children’s Hospice. Around 50,000 children in the UK are suffering from a terminal illness at any given point in time and Claire House would love to see all of them given access to similar services - extending these relies on donations.

Helen Carlson, spokesperson for Claire House, said: “Our local business community are integral to the success of what we do.  It is only through the support of companies like Complete Pump Supplies that allows Claire House to keep creating precious stories, ensuring that families’ journeys are filled with positive memories, no matter how long that journey may be”.

For each order from the Complete Pump Supplies totalling £250 or more, we donated £5 to the Claire House Children’s Hospice fund. Orders from our select range of water pumps, home booster systems and expansion vessels totalling over £500 added £10 to our charity donation pledge. The total amount presented to Claire House was £1590 - thank you to everyone who helped us to raise such a fantastic figure!

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