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Your Water System Might Need a Doctor!

Any machine or system requires that all of its components work in seamless, flawless harmony. The same is true for closed water systems and one of the components we are regularly asked about is the humble dosing pot, which feeds liquid chemicals safely and directly into the system. Here are all the details you need plus a brief installation guide, NB Please follow detailed instructions included with our dosing pots before attempting to install.

  • Dosing pots are manufactured from stainless steel, a material well-known for its superior and robust resistance to corrosion

  • They feature a selection of valves including drainage, filling, return­/non-return, flow and air release; also a tundish which is also fabricated from tough stainless steel

  • The component is available in a full range of sizes - CPS offer dosing pots with capacities of between 3.5l and 35l to suit any application and environment

  • Providing an efficient chemical feed, dosing pots help keep closed water systems healthy and performing optimally

Grundfos Max-E-Boost Single Pump Booster SetGrundfos MQ 4bar Home Booster c/w 227ltr (50 gallon storage tank)Grundfos 180L Home Booster Slave / Spare Water Tank

Fitting dosing pots correctly isn’t difficult, as you can see from the brief guide below. Professional results can be achieved but make sure you read the full instructions as this is just a basic guide to illustrate the ease with which the project can be carried out.

  • Isolate the pot completely by simply closing all the valves completely

  • Use the appropriate valves to drain the pot fully of any liquid

  • Close drain valve and use stainless steel tundish to add the required chemical solution to the dosing pot

  • Open air vent to expel any air that remains within and watch for solution to appear quickly after completing this step

  • Inject the chemical treatment into the system using the appropriate valves

  • Safety First. The dosing pot will get hot during operation. Chemical contact or burns due to blowback are prevented with a handy check-valve integral to the device

Grundfos MQ 3-35 (3bar) Home Booster - Single PumpGrundfos GT-HR 300 Litre Expansion Vessel - 6 BarGrundfos Hydro Multi-E 2 CRIE 3-8 Twin Pump Booster Set

Our range of dosing pots is, like all of our products, covered under our price-match guarantee. Order come to more than £75? Your UK Mainland delivery is absolutely FREE. Data sheets are available if detailed information is required.

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