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Zac's Charity Night — Grand Total Revealed...

A night to remember ZacThe 17th of September 2016 was certainly a night to remember – and is going to have effects that will last for many years to come and benefit children from all over the North West, UK. In memory of Zac Barston and to raise money for the tribute fund named in his honour, an exciting and vibrant night of fun and partying was organised and we can now excitedly announce how much we raised between us!

Zac Barston was a player in the youth football team managed by Martin Donaldson, the Sales Director here at Complete Pump Supplies. At the age of just ten, Zac was tragically affected by a brain tumour which claimed his life — an event made all the more tragic with the knowledge that brain tumours are the single biggest type of fatal cancer in children and that there are many other Zacs, and their grieving families, out there right now.

Our Charity Event was certainly not a mournful occasion, despite the upsetting circumstances that brought it about. Just the way lively, playful and fun loving Zac would have chosen it, we decided that a night of celebrating his life while raising lots of ready cash for the Zac Barston Tribute Fund, which supports the Children's’ Brain Tumour Research Network at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

A big draw (literally) was the raffle we organised, which had absolutely tons of prizes that had been kindly donated. As well as lots of fun novelty prizes, there were some high-end gems in there as well, such as the bottle of Bollinger Champagne (which disappeared very quickly indeed!).

An emotionally—­charged yet still cheerful moment came when a specially-booked rock choir showed up to sing Clean Bandit in tribute to Zac — every voice was lifted up to join in the singing, even those that had no idea of the words. Check out video footage.

Our Charity Event

So let’s get to the figures! Thanks to the generosity of everyone who attended the event and also the many who were unable to come but instead showed support by donating prizes or directly to the fund (see https://­www.­facebook.­com/­zacbar­sto­ntri­butefund for details), we can now announce that we have raised more than SEVENTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS for the Zac Barston Tribute Fund, much-needed cash that will be used for the direct benefit of children with brain tumours, buying the necessary equipment, machinery and expert knowledge to carry out vital experimental research.

The story certainly does NOT end here and you can get involved today by visiting the Facebook page and donating whatever you can for a truly important cause. Thanks again to everyone — together we will win the fight against cancer and it is just a matter of time. And money!

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