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Portable Compact Booster Sets

The Domoboost Portable is designed to supply water to domestic and commercial premises on a temporary basis for example a site under construction. This is often necessary when the existing water supply is not able to meet the demands of the construction project or the main water supply has not yet been connected. We have specifically manufactured this unit to be easily maneuvered around the site and can be forklifted into position thanks to its protective painted steel frame. 


Temporary booster water supply systems are typically used for small construction projects that do not require a large amount of water. the Domoboost Portable systems are made up of a pump and a tank with a pump controller. The pump is used to increase the pressure of the water, the tank stores the water, and the piping delivers the water to the construction site.


You can choose between an AG air gap for potable (drinking water) purposes or an AB air gap for CAT 5 applications. 


When choosing a booster water supply system for a construction site, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the construction project
  • The amount of water that will be needed
  • The available electrical supply
  • The water pressure and flow requirements

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a booster water supply system that is right for your construction project.

All Domopac booster systems and tanks come in custom sizes and are made to comply with all applicable water laws.

For customised Domoboost Portable and Protex Portable pricing, contact our sales staff today.

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