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Pressurisation Units

A pressurisation unit is a means of pressurising a system, whether that’s for heating requirements or simply maintaining pressure. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications where a header tank cannot be fitted, pressurisation sets are designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed central heating and chilled water systems.


A sealed system limits air intake and corrosion to a minimum and only needs fresh water makeup to replace any losses caused by leakage. Higher flow temperatures may be used in sealed systems which, with larger temperature drops, permit lower water circulation rates, smaller pumps, and reductions in pipework sizes, all with obvious cost savings.


If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable pressurisation pump, you can’t go wrong with the wide range available at Complete Pump Supplies, offering models with both single and twin pumps.


Our selection of Flamco pressurisation units are compact and can be wall mounted, making them perfect for properties and buildings with a lack of space. A Lowara pressurisation unit is another good choice for saving space, as their mini Lowara Presfix units are designed to be just as compact as they are powerful.


Please note, that incorrect calibration of the unit’s settings or pre-charging of the expansion vessels will cause the system to malfunction.


We supply a complete range of Pressurisation Units for heating systems and chilled sealed systems. Available as one or two pump models with a choice of wall-mounted or floor-standing, from a wide range of Manufacturers including Calpeda, DAB, Flamco, Lowara, and Stuart Turner.


Most units are in stock and can be supplied with expansion vessels, air and dirt separators, and dosing pots. We also stock open base style pressurisation units and packaged pressurisation units.


For more information on how your heating system could benefit from a pressurisation unit, make sure to read our blog post to gain some further insight.

Pressurisation Units, Need Assistance?Pressurisation Units, Need Assistance?

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