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Keraflo Valves manufacture top-quality, WRAS Approved delayed action float valves for use in demanding domestic, commercial, and industrial applications throughout the UK. The Aylesbury™ range was launched in 1987, complete with a design that pioneered the use of ceramic discs in valves for cold water storage tanks. Aylesbury valves are designed to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored cold water in tanks with and without raised float valve chambers.


Keraflow Aylesbury 'K' Type - Delayed Action Float Valve is a weighted key-shaped float valve that can be set in a range of positions on the brass arm, this activates the valve at a predetermined level to fully open or close and reduces water hammer. The benefit of this is it avoids dribble, reduces noise, and allows a full water flow until the selected level is reached.


Keraflow Aylesbury 'KAX' Type provides the same features as the 'K' Type but with an extended drop suitable for cold water tanks with raised float valve chambers to assist with AA and AB Air Gaps. 


They are also constructed to operate over long periods without the need for maintenance.


The launch of the Tanktronic now advances cold water storage control to the next level, offering users an advanced cost-effective solution to water monitoring and control.


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