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Packaged Booster Sets & Water Tanks

If space in your plant room is at a premium, you should check out our space saving solutions for water booster sets are designed for boosting water in large domestic and commercial premises. Designed with compact footprints in mind, these packaged booster sets are complete with break tank – suitable for boosting cold water in domestic, commercial, industrial and building applications, with energy saving variable speed models available. 


Whether you’re dealing with limited space, an abnormally-shaped plant room, or high flow rate requirements, we will be able to create a complete booster pump and tank package to suit your precise requirements. For example, the Domoboost Ultra range by Domopac offers packaged cold water booster pumps and GRP tanks in standard tank sizes from 600 litres, which are ideal to fit through a standard doorway, up to 2000 litres. These are available in AG, AA and AB (CAT 5) airgap configurations.


A digital system display and variable speed drive controls are included with the Domoboost Ultra Booster Sets and are located on the top of the tank for convenience and easy maintenance. A straightforward and understandable system overview, including pressure, speed, frequency, and power absorbed, is provided by the Domoboost Ultra display. The Domoboost Ultra controller also includes standard wiring for a low level float switch, volt-free contacts, BMS remote alarm connections, and automated duty pump switchover.


Not sure which model you need? Contact us with your project requirements by clicking here - our Sales Team are more than happy to help! We can supply booster sets with break tanks above or at the side of the pumps. We are able to size the required flow rate from calculating the loading units of the property the unit is to serve. We would also calculate the head pressure at the flow rate to give us the duty point of the booster pumps and sets.

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