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Three Pump Booster Sets

A three pump booster set is a type of booster water supply system that uses three pumps to increase the pressure and flow of water. Three pump booster sets are typically used in commercial and industrial applications where there is a high demand for water pressure and flow. 


Three pump booster sets offer a number of advantages over single or twin pump booster sets, including:

  • Increased reliability: Three pumps provide redundancy in case one pump fails. This means that the water supply will not be interrupted even if one pump fails.
  • Increased efficiency: Three pumps can operate more efficiently than single or two-pump booster sets. This can save energy and money on operating costs.
  • Increased capacity: Three pumps can deliver more water than single or two pump booster sets. This makes them ideal for applications with high demand for water pressure and flow

Three-pump booster sets are typically more expensive than single or two-pump booster sets. However, the additional cost is often offset by the increased reliability, efficiency, and capacity that three pump booster sets offer.


Here are some of the applications where three pump booster sets are commonly used:

Commercial buildings
Industrial plants
Firefighting systems
Irrigation systems

Complete pump supplies distribute a comprehensive range of Three Pump Booster Sets from brands such as DAB, Lowara, and Grundfos plus our own manufacturing division, Domopac


All our water pressure booster sets are designed and built to the very highest standards, with high-quality stainless steel materials for efficiency, sustained performance levels, and a long working life.

Our range of three pump booster sets are ideal for large commercial and industrial applications, utilising variable speed technology to meet the constant pressure requirements imposed by modern water systems. We will have a system to suit your needs, units are fitted with comprehensive controls that guarantee reliable long lasting operation and even usage of the pumps. 

If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and efficient way to increase the pressure of water in your commercial setting, then a three-pump commercial booster set is the perfect solution for you.

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