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Flamco Pressurisation Units

Represented in more the 70 countries worldwide, Flamco UK are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality components to be used in HVAC systems. The company produces innovative and elegant solutions for both commercial and domestic building problems, whilst offering alternatives conducive to energy sustainability.

The company formed in the 1950s but really started to expand the following decade with the growth of the central heating in both commercial and domestic properties. Flamco was at the forefront of this blossoming industry, inventing the expansion vessel, which grew throughout Europe.

The company continued to innovate and invent new accessories for central heating systems, allowing property owners get the most out of their units. With 10s of millions of expansion vessels produced and installed around the world, the influence of Flamco should not be underestimated.

Alongside the Flamco expansion vessels and Flamco pressurisation units, they also produce a wide range of other products including expansion and refill automats for heating and cooling, safety valves, pressure gauges, connection groups, storage vessels as well as mounting material.

Central to the company’s values is a dedication to producing sustainable and energy efficient solutions in an extremely energy-intensive industry. The team of skilled and dedicated engineers are consistently updating and innovating ideas to improve the sustainability of their output.

Flamco provides an exceptional level of after-sales service, ensuring that all customers are provided with sufficient support. This extends to all aspects of pump installation and maintenance. This is available for both commercial and domestic installations.

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