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Self Priming Pumps

Complete Pump Supplies can supply a varied range of self-priming pumps for use in irrigation, civil, domestic, and industrial applications when manual priming of the pump is not desirable.  


A self-priming pump is a type of pump that can draw water from a source that is below the pump in suction lift conditions. This is in contrast to a regular centrifugal pump, which can only draw water from a source that is above the pump. They can prime themselves under suction lift conditions and draw fluid from water tanks below.


  • Self-priming pumps work by using a venturi effect to draw water into the pump. The venturi effect is created when the water flows through a narrow passage, which increases the pressure of the water. This increased pressure forces the water into the pump.


Self-priming pumps typically have a priming reservoir, which is a small tank that is filled with water before the pump is started. The water in the priming reservoir is used to prime the pump and get it started. Once the pump is started, it will continue to draw water from the source and pump it out.


Self-priming pumps are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. The size and capacity of the pump that you need will depend on the specific application.


Overall, self-priming pumps are a versatile and reliable type of pump that can be used in a variety of applications. They are a good choice for applications where the water source is below the pump or where the pump needs to be easily moved.

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