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Air & Dirt Separators

Complete Pump Supplies have a wide range of stainless steel air & dirt separators available for both chilled and heating water systems. One of the main reasons for appliance breakdown in chilled and heating water systems is dirty water. System cleansing and water treatment are very vital and necessary to the welfare of the boiler/chiller plant.


Installing a dirt separator can prolong the existence of these appliances but these systems can also be faced with problems caused by microbubbles and air. Air can be introduced into a water system when the pressure changes or when the water is heated. Heating water or changing its pressure causes gas microbubbles to be released which can cause issues linked to corrosion, loss of energy, and water pump damage – installing a deaerator can help protect a system.


What is a deaerator? - A deaerator is a device that handles the removal of dissolved gases from liquids such as air from water.


In plant rooms that are restricted by space a combined air and dirt separator may be more suitable, it is usually a more cost-effective solution to eliminate both air and dirt with one unit. Some models that we distribute have a demountable base which means that the whole unit doesn’t need to be removed for it to be inspected or cleaned for maintenance purposes.


If you would like support or guidance with selecting a combined air and dirt separator that meets your requirements, call us on 0333 323 2329.

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