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  1. Polytank Water Storage

    Do you need an affordable way to store water? At Complete Pump Supplies we offer a wide range of domestic cold-water poly tanks. Polytank have been in the industry for 46 years and their tanks are one of the best range that we offer, the tanks are fully WRAS approved and all the components come factory sealed inside the Polytank.

    The Polytank is great for storing water until needed bringing good quality drinking water to your taps conforming to all British standard requirements. If you have low water pressure and need a quick easy and cost effective solution click here to see our range!


    Have you also seen our Polytank walk around video on YouTube? Why not check it out by clicking here and don’t forget to

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  2. 3001 Litre Tank New Build

    New build just about to go out the doors to a residential flats / building complex! This packaged unit incorporates a 3001 litre GRP cold water storage tank and three pump single phase booster set built in house.

    Here at Complete Pump Supplies we offer a wide range of one- and two-piece tanks which can be made to suit applications that require either portable or CAT 5 backflow protection. Available in both insulated and uninsulated options, the cold-water storage tanks that we supply have fully WRAS approval.
    Our GRP water tanks are composed of modern composite materials and manufactured by Hand Lay-up and filament winding processes to store chemicals safely and exceed all the necessary regulations. These storage tanks are made from fiberglass, a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. It is typically far less brittle than carbon fibre, and it also

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  3. Submersible Pumps

    No one wants the headache of a flooded basement, and sandbags might not make the cut next time for the mass of water that could fill your home! Be prepared for that dreaded next time with one of our compact submersible pumps that can be stored away until needed. With our submersible pumps you can transfer liquid from one location to another simply by using a connecting pipe, quickly taking controll of the flooded area.

    If your property is susceptible to flooding we recommend our flood kits as they contain everything you should need to tackle the problem. The Lowara DOC3/A Flood Kit contains pump with pre assembled float switch, pre assembled hose with quick coupling already mounted which is all stored inside a lightweight plastic box which can be used as a strainer

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  4. Calpeda Twin Pump Booster Set

    Calpeda Twin Pump booster set leaving our stores to go direct to site to supply a housing estate.

    Do you need a commercial booster set?

    Call our sales team now on 0333 323 2329 for expert help and advice on selecting a suitable booster set.

    Click here to take you to our calpeda product range!

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  5. Home Booster Sets

    Are you tired of poor water pressure? Check out our range of home booster sets!

    We can offer a range of home booster pump sets to help solve instances of poor mains water pressure. Our pre-assembled, easy to install booster pump sets will increase water pressure around most properties. A professionally sized and installed home booster water pump will provide a perfect solution to overcoming low water pressures around the home.

    Automatic whole home booster pumps are used where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet your needs and provide adequate water flow to the domestic appliances and outlets in the home, such as showers and taps. If you’ve ever experienced a sudden change in water temperature or pressure in the shower due to somebody in the home using a tap, you’ll be thankful to know that installing a booster pump for home water systems pressure can

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  6. Stuart Turner Pressurisation Units

    The Stuart Turner single pump, digital pressurisation units are suitable for either floor or wall mounting, these pressurisation units represent the next generation of automatic filling and pressure maintenance solutions for large domestic and commercial sealed heating and chiller systems. 

    Stuart Turner pressurisation units are also WRAS compliant and provide category 5 backflow protection, with type AB air gap, weir overflow and warning pipe.

    The new and advanced digital controls featuring an easy to use menu system and backlit LCD display. 

    Shop on our website by clicking here

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  7. Lowara Mini Fix CAT 5 Booster Set

    The Lowara Minifix is an easy to install wall mounted unit that contains a single pump and water break tank with fluid category 5 protection. Enclosed in a compact brushed steel cabinet, this unit is suitable for applications such as:

    • vehicle washing
    • bin stores
    • outdoor taps
    • irrigation
    • laboratories

    Connect the Mini Fix tank booster water inlet 15mm compression (left side of cabinet) to a suitable water supply The inlet should be provided with an isolation valve to aid maintenance. If the pressure available at the ball valve is below 0.3 bar, a low pressure orifice must be obtained and fitted. Extend the 22mm plastic overflow pipe from the left hand side of the unit to a position where an overflow will be noticed and rectified. It is the responsibility

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  8. MAX-E Grundfos Water Booster Set

    The Grundfos Max-E Boost is a single pump, variable speed cold water booster set and is intended to supply boosted cold water from a water storage tank to a pressurised hot and cold water system at a constant outlet pressure. The Set comes complete with an integral pressure transducer, pressure vessel, non-return valve, isolating valves, pressure gauge, and anti-vibration mountings. A drain cock is included to simplify commissioning of the vessel precharge pressure. 

    It uses the latest variable speed E-pump motor technology to maintain a constant discharge pressure up to a maximum setting of 4.5 bar. The variable speed controlled operation of the Grundfos CRIE 5-8 pump helps to eliminate pipe work noise caused by water hammer which is generally associated with standard on/off controlled fixed

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  9. GRP Water Tanks

    Here at Complete Pump Supplies we have a wide range of GRP Water Tanks available to suit your requirements!

    These tanks are fully WRAS approved and made with the highest quality materials available. All internal surfaces, including the lid, have an Isophthalic white gelcoat layer which provides a clinical smooth surface which will not support the growth of microbiological organisms. This gelcoat layer is reinforced by the main GRP laminate which provides the main structure of the tank body. The materials used are of the highest quality and applied with exacting production standards to assist in prevention of osmotic blistering. The tanks also come with the option to purchase a drip tray.

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  10. Initial Checks to make on a Boiler

    Following on from our previous post, we advised that when moving into dated property, it is important to check that the heating system is up to scratch. However, checking your boiler is a vital task when purchasing any home – ensuring you are not faced with any large bills you’re unable to afford. In this post we look at of the information we believe you should make note of about your boiler.

    Where is it?

    First and foremost, you will need to determine your boiler’s location. Not only this but the water tank and stop cock too if you have a conventional boiler.

    Determine what type of boiler you have

    The majority of boilers in UK homes are combi boilers which do not require a water cylinder or storage tank. They provide hot water instantly but using too many taps at once may cause lower pressure.

    System boilers use a water cylinder but n

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