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  1. Initial Checks to make on a Boiler

    Following on from our previous post, we advised that when moving into dated property, it is important to check that the heating system is up to scratch. However, checking your boiler is a vital task when purchasing any home – ensuring you are not faced with any large bills you’re unable to afford. In this post we look at of the information we believe you should make note of about your boiler.

    Where is it?

    First and foremost, you will need to determine your boiler’s location. Not only this but the water tank and stop cock too if you have a conventional boiler.

    Determine what type of boiler you have

    The majority of boilers in UK homes are combi boilers which do not require a water cylinder or storage tank. They provide hot water instantly but using too many taps at once may cause lower pressure.

    System boilers use a water cylinder but not a water storage tank. They are known as sealed systems and if this is the system you will be keeping, you m

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  2. How to Make a Dated House Liveable

    Have you recently or will you soon be moving into a dated house in need of renovation? After a clear out and a deep clean, if you intend to live in the property while the building work is underway, there will be a number of jobs for you to complete firstly to ensure the conditions are liveable. In this post we look at five tasks we think are priorities for a habitable home.

    Get the Shower Up to Standard

    Whether updating the bathroom is first or last on the list, we would advise making sure your shower is going to be up to standard. Even if your bath/stand-in shower is not quite as you would like just yet, investing in a Grundfos home booster will give you an much improved showering experience. With the rest of the house potentially being a building site, you at the very least deserve to have the luxury of hot flowing water at an acceptable rate.

    Have a Base Other than the Bed

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  3. Things to Think About when Considering Building a Swimming Pool

    Building a swimming pool is pretty much guaranteed to be a huge investment, but what a great amenity it would be to have at your home. You would certainly be the talk of your friends and would likely need learn to be a great host – if you’re not already! For fitness and leisure purposes, having your very own pool can be very rewarding. However, it would require a considerable amount of maintenance and care. That’s why in this post, we look at points to weigh up, before taking the plunge!


    Depending upon the layout of your property, you may have the option to choose between building an indoor or an outdoor pool. Indoor pools can cost up to four times more than outdoor, though the investment in the indoor option could result in a much higher rate of usage – all year round. If you were to go for indoor, you would need to think about how you would reach the pool, through your kitchen, utility room or basement even?

    Here you need to really think about how you

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  4. How to Conserve Water in the Warmer Months

    Water is a precious resource which we all rely on to live – that’s why it is imperative that we do our upmost to preserve it. You may or may not live in a region that suffers with drought, though either way your actions will have an effect on the wellbeing of our planet. Therefore, in this post, we advise on steps that can be taken to reduce water wastage.

    Be Mindful with Taps

    Whenever you turn your taps on, think about why you are using them, how powerfully you are using them and if they really need to be on for the duration of the task you are completing. So much water is wasted whilst we brush our teeth and wash our hands, be sure to only run your taps to the speed necessary and turn them off in between rinses. When doing the dishes by hand, always fill a bowl rather than running the tap constantly, and be strategic with the order of washing – cleaning glasses and cups first before moving onto dirtier plates and pans.

    Use a GRP Water Stora

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  5. Bathroom Improvements you can Make this Spring

    Spring is a great time of year to get some DIY done at home. A few bank holidays over April and May can give you the opportunity to be productive with some domestic updates. In this post, we look at some improvements you can make to rejuvenate the look and functionality of your bathroom, in preparation for the summer months.

    All About Accessories

    An easy way of updating the look of your bathroom is to replace your accessories. If your bathroom is a shade of white, grey or black, you pretty much have free range of any colours to choose from, if not, identify a new colour which compliments the look of your bathroom and accessorise accordingly. The accessories may not necessarily have to match, if you can, select a tertiary colour that fits with the scheme. Think new towels, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and storage to add a refreshing new appearance for your bathroom.

    Invest in Luxurious Products

    Following on from the above point, treating yourself to

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  6. Garden Pumps

    How to choose the right water pump for your garden

    We’re well and truly into the DIY season of the year with summer being just around the corner. The garden is one area we all try and focus on; dependant on the weather of course! It’s all about freshening up the fences with a new lick of paint, planting some new flowers, giving the BBQ a clean down and getting the garden furniture out.

    Although all the above is great and makes for a lovely afternoon in the garden have you thought about any water features or ponds and how they will need looking after and maintaining through the summer months?

    If this isn’t something you have thought about yet, there is no time like the present! We want to help you with understanding what pumps are suitable for your garden and will be most efficient for your usage.

    Choosing a pump for your pond

    If you are fortunate enough to have a pond in your garden looking after it should be one o

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  7. Reasons to get your Boiler Serviced Before Winter

    At this time of year, the flowers are blossoming, trees getting bushy, grass getting greener and the BBQ on full heat for a good sunny afternoon get together. Spring and summer are great to enjoy the great weather (when we do get it in the UK!) but throughout these seasons it is a great time to think about getting your boiler serviced.

    We’re sorry, we don’t want to make you think about the cold, wet winter months when Summer hasn’t even begun yet but making sure your boiler is safe and working as it should be is so important, especially when the temperature is rising now and we find ourselves barely using the central heating.

    Getting the boiler serviced at this time of year or within the upcoming months is also cost-effective, you won’t pay as much for a professional to come out and service your boiler as it isn’t the peak season where the heating is in demand for use.

    Why should you get your boiler serviced?

    1)Save money

    Not just for

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  8. Benefits of a Grundfos Booster Set

    There are plenty of manufacturers who create booster sets for both domestic and commercial use but we want to focus on the benefits of a Grundfos Booster Set and how they can benefit a domestic property.

    Along with discussing the benefits it’s good to know some background information on a Grundfos Booster Set so you know exactly what it is, what it does and whether it is something worthwhile purchasing and installing in your home.

    What is a Grundfos Booster Set?

    A Grundfos booster set, also known as a home booster set is designed for domestic properties and is installed when the current mains water supply isn’t sufficient enough to meet the demands of the property.

    Whether it be hot or cold water, the Grundfos booster set would be a great asset to your home, you could say goodbye to the low water flow and pressure and enjoy your reliable new system allowing you

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  9. A Guide to our Selection of Pressurisation Units

    Both commercial and domestic spaces can benefit from the installation of a pressurisation unit. Their ability to maintain water pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems can provide huge savings to the consumer – along with benefitting the environment.

    These systems must be fitted with an interlock circuit, meaning that the boiler is cut out if any fault with the pressurisation unit arises. Any incorrect calibration of the settings in the unit alongside pre-charging of the expansion vessels will result in the system malfunctioning. In this post we look at the pressurisation units available at Complete Pump Supplies suitable for various applications.

    Calpeda Pressurisation Units

    From Calpeda we offer the Calpeda Unimat Alpha Single Pump 240V Pressurisation Unit with 40% off. This unit is of a simpler design, with designed for use on closed circuit h

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  10. How to Make your Home More Environmentally Friendly

    Our world is at serious risk, and it is our doing. Through the work of scientists, activists and the great David Attenborough, we are becoming more aware of the damage that we as a human race, have caused to the planet. We have lost ecosystems and entire species, through our relentless demand for fossil fuels. If we do not begin to make changes to our behaviours and actions, irreversible destruction will be caused and habitats, nature and future generations will be under threat.

    But it is not too late. If we work quickly, we can save what is left of our planet. All of us must begin to take steps in leading a more sustainable life. In this post, we look at how to improve our carbon footprint with changes we can make at home.

    Install a Hot Water Circulation Pump

    By installing a hot water circulation pump, we are limiting the time it takes to run hot water. A small investment at first, using one of these pumps will save you money on your water bill

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