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Calpeda Pressurisation Units & Sets

Calpeda Pressurisation Units & Sets
  1. Calpeda
    Calpeda Unimat Alpha Single Pump 240V Pressurisation Unit
    Special Price £574.00 EX.VAT £688.80 Regular Price £820.00
    SKU U29000300000

Calpeda Unimat pressurisation units are structured to substitute water that’s gone astray due to system leakage, also to uphold the system scheme fill pressure in cooled water systems and sealed heating. The majority of present-day day boiler and air conditioning systems will be sealed and depend upon a tool to preserve the system pressure and give notices when the fill pressure is almost depleted or when the water has become too vast resulting in high pressure. The entirety of sealed heating systems need an interlock circuit in order for the boilers to be removed if the units are faulty. Flawed tuning of the unit set-up or pre-charging for the expansion vessels will trigger the system to breakdown.

The majority of pressurisation units are obtainable from stock and can be outfitted with dosing pots, air separators and expansion vessels.

The selections of pressurisation units are specifically for regular systems as far as 80°C but if consumed in systems greater than that particular temperature then distinctive measures need to be carried out (intermediate buffer vessel, anti-gravity pipework loop and so on)