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Lowara Presfix Pressurisation Units

Lowara Presfix pressurisation units are designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems. Pressurisation equipment under the product name of Lowara provides a full range of products from the most basic system up to virtually any situation within the HVAC Industry.


Additionally, Presfix machines have safety circuits that lock out the boiler or chiller in the event of excessive or low pressures. Expanded water is accommodated in expansion vessel/s that are supplied separately and normally installed alongside the Presfix unit. Presfix units are perfect for either domestic or industrial environments. Three levels of physical size and sophistication are offered to fit most applications.


  • Presfix Beta Mk2: Automatic make-up units for sealed heating and chilled water systems. Microprocessor single or twin unit.2.8, 5.8 or 8 bar versions available.
  • Presfix Beta Mk2 Dual system: Combined heating and chilled water system in one unit.
  • Presfix Alfa: Open frame automatic make-up units for sealed heating and chilled water systems. Single pump units 5.5 bar.


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Pressurisation Units, Need Assistance?Pressurisation Units, Need Assistance?

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