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Air (Deaerator) Separators

Complete Pump Supplies offer many air separators from brands such as Flamco and Spirotech. Air Separators are used to eliminate air within heating and cooling systems. They offer advantages to any installation as they extend the service life of appliances such as pumps and control equipment whilst also being low-maintenance units.

Air, or more specifically the oxygen content in the air, that has entered a piped water system during installation or operation, corrodes the steel surfaces in Heating and Chilled water systems, which creates the black sludge known as magnetite. The magnetite collects in comparatively still areas, wears out pump seals, blocks up heat exchangers, and fouls valve seats. Entrained air affects the pump’s ability to efficiently circulate the water, so increasing the power required to drive the pump.

Some models of air separators we have online have a full 10-year warranty. This is due to the materials that are used during the manufacturing process, avoiding materials such as mild steel means that these units do not corrode in the same way as other alternatives. Using stainless steel to create these units provides reduced energy costs as stainless steel has a smooth surface, therefore any pumps installed on the system would require less energy to pump water around.

Air Separators are available in many different connection sizes and are also available for both horizontal and vertical pipework configurations.

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