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Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves, often abbreviated as PRVs, are crucial components in plumbing systems. While they sometimes share the same acronym with pressure relief valves, their functions differ significantly. 


PRVs vs. Pressure Relief Valves:

PRVs: Lower and regulate water or air pressure between the inlet and outlet sides of a system.

Pressure Relief Valves: Protect systems from excessive pressure build-up by releasing it automatically.


How PRVs Work:

Installed in-line: Typically placed on the main water supply line.

Adjustable Pressure: Users can set the desired downstream pressure using a dial or wheel.

Continuous Control: PRVs constantly adjust their opening and closing based on upstream pressure and flow rate.

Maintaining Pressure: Their primary function is to ensure a consistent and safe downstream pressure, regardless of flow variations.


Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves:

Experience precise pressure control in your fluid systems with our range of hydraulically controlled pilot-operated valves. These valves automatically adjust to changing demands and upstream pressure conditions, minimising head loss and preventing cavitation damage for optimal system performance.


Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves:

Our range of high-performance, precision-engineered cast stainless steel pressure reducing valves deliver unwavering downstream pressure control. They effectively maintain your desired pressure level, regardless of flow rate fluctuations or upstream pressure changes.

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