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Flexible Connectors

Complete Pump Supplies have numerous stainless steel flexible connectors and rubber bellows available in a wide range of sizes that are suitable for pumps and boosting pump sets/booster sets.

The stainless steel flexible connectors are typically made up of a stainless steel corrugated hose with a stainless steel braid. The hoses can be formed either mechanically or hydraulically.

The hydraulically formed hoses have a higher tolerance and are more flexible when they are shorter in length. This is because the process of hydroforming (hydraulically forming) is used. This process involves less stress on the steel during its manufacture.

Flexible connectors are mainly used on the suction manifold as well as the discharge manifold of a booster set or on a pump, both to reduce vibration, noise, and hydraulic shock in the pipework. As some materials used to create pipework and piping equipment can be inflexible, installing flexible connectors means that the stress from any hydraulic shock is absorbed by the connectors saving the pipework from any damage and thus prolonging its life within the system. Hydraulic shock can be caused when a pump starts to operate.

Flexible connectors can also be used to facilitate piping connections. Pipework fittings and pipe itself can be connected to these ancillaries to join pumps and other equipment to a system. They can also accommodate for any offsets and misalignment in the system pipework.

Please contact our Sales Team on 0333 323 2329 if you have any queries or questions relating to the flexible connectors and bellows we have available on our website.



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