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Domoboost Twin Pump Booster Sets

We stock a comprehensive range of twin pump booster sets.

Our range of Twin Pump booster sets are ideal for applications needing either duty assist or duty standby where a stand by pump is required at all times, utilising variable speed technology we can offer horizontal or vertical pump options. You must install a break tank with these twin pump booster sets which will give your pump a reservoir of water to draw from. For a flat we recommend around a 100 litre tank and for an average family house around a 250 litre tank.

Supplying what type of property?

House / Bungalow / Single flat / Multiple flats / Other

What are you looking to boost?

Whole House / Single Tap / Hot & Cold Water

What type of boiler?

Gravity feed / Combi / Megaflow

Is there a header tank?

Yes / No

Is there any space limitations for a break tank to be fitted on the ground floor?

Yes / No

Incoming flow rate (litres per min)?

How many floors does the property have?

How many people live at the property? Any occasional guests, if so how many? (approx)

Total number of washroom/bathrooms?

Total number of toilets?

Total number of baths?

Total number of showers?

Types of showers being used?

Power / Electric / Mixer / Jets / Heads

Additional information if available:

How to split the duty for particular applications I.E. duty/standby or duty/assist.

The size and material of the connecting pipework. We will have a system to suit your needs, our unit’s are fitted with comprehensive controls that guarantee reliable long lasting operation and even usage of both pumps. All our water booster sets are designed and built to the very highest standards, with high quality stainless steel materials for efficiency, sustained performance levels and a long working life.


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