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50mm Keraflo Aylesbury KB Type SF Fully Variable Delayed Float Valve

Product Code: A/KB50SF
50mm Keraflo Aylesbury KB Type SF Fully Variable Delayed Float Valve
1 Year Warranty
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50mm Keraflo Aylesbury KB Type SF Fully Variable Delayed Float Valve

50mm Keraflo Aylesbury KB Type SF Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve

The Keraflo Aylesbury “KB” Type Fully variable Delayed Action Float Valves are ideal to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored water in cold water storage tanks without a lid or raised chamber and where the vertical drop from the valve to the water level may be considerable.

When the water level inside the tank falls the “KB” type valve does not immediately open, there is a delay until the water level has fallen to the user selected level, when this occurs the valve moves from a fully closed to a fully open position allowing water to flow back into the tank at a maximum flow rate, when the water level has returned to it’s full level the valve closes preventing any dribbling. This action provides a range of benefits including improved water turnover, fast refilling times, no water hammer and reduced noise.

Pumps and pump sets are often controlled to run for a minimum of 3 minutes. If the water demand is satisfied before this time and an auxiliary hydraulic accumulator is not fitted, the pumps will run against a closed valve head at zero efficiency.

The fill volume can be set to equal or exceed this volume to ensure the pump(s) run for at least 3 minutes. Where a pump set is used solely for transferring water from a break tank to an elevated storage tank, the ‘KB’ valve can dispense with the need for an auxiliary hydraulic accumulator.

Benefits of Keraflo’s Aylesbury KB Type Valves:

  • Virtually unlimited range of opening and closing levels – ideal for larger tanks.
  • Easy adjustment of variables; capacity can easily be matched to demand.
  • Lightweight = reduced tank wall stress and supporting structure not required.
  • Suitable for installation directly into a tank or raised valve chamber.


This unique valve is ideal for use with pumped systems, water treatment plants and many other applications including:

  • Industrial tanks n Rain (grey) water tanks and reservoirs
  • Pumped systems n Industrial feed and expansion tanks
  • Underground tanks n Process tanks
  • The flexibility of ‘KB’ valves can assist with improving water quality where buildings are partially commissioned or occupancy varies at different times of the year.

All valves are WRAS approved

Keraflo valves are manufactured in England and designed to operate for long periods of time without maintenance.

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Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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