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Complete Pump Supplies

Complete Pump Supplies
  1. Complete Pump Supplies
    Complete Pump Supplies
    500 Litre GRP Water Tank - Un-Insulated
    £470.30 EX.VAT £564.36
    SKU PW500-UN
  2. Complete Pump Supplies
    Complete Pump Supplies
    500 Litre GRP Water Tank - Insulated
    £564.77 EX.VAT £677.72
    SKU PW500-1

Complete Pump Supplies have become one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial and domestic building services products and pipeline equipment, from in-line circulators and end suction pumps to water booster sets and expansion vessels, through a continued dedication to company development. Our staff, who between them have more than 50 years of experience in the trade.

At Complete Pump Supplies we offer a wide range of different booster sets, which incorporate energy efficiency and reliability. Booster sets are designed to increase and provide more constant water pressure. Our pumps usually come in single, twin and three pump versions, entirely depending on your requirements. If you're in need of a booster set or any other pump equipment contact us today.

Cold water storage tanks must ensure that the liquid within remains free from contaminants which could affect the health of people or animals using it to drink or wash. We proudly supply a comprehensive range of these water storage tanks which offer a host of benefits to the user. Available in one and two piece Uninsulated or Insulated.

Our company offers a range of unique packaged booster sets, which are carefully put together to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

Booster sets can be installed to improve on a systems water supply. Similar sets can are typically found in commercial buildings such as industrial units, hospitals or schools. In some cases however, smaller residential properties can also suffer from insufficient water pressure.

Complete Pumps Packaged Booster Sets are time and space saving products and come complete with a break tank they are suited for boosting cold water in all domestic, industrial and commercial applications. With type AB air gaps and energy-saving models available featuring variable speed technology. Break tanks can be supplied both above and to the side of the pump, helping with problems of limited space or abnormally shaped rooms. We can quickly and accurately size required flow rates by calculating the property’s loading units - calculating head pressure will also inform us of the correct duty point for the booster sets

Choose the live chat option available online, call us on 0333 323 2329 or email us directly through We are happy to help discuss further details on all queries.