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50mm Keraflo KP Type Delayed Action Float Valve

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50mm Keraflo KP Type Inline and Variable Delayed Action Float Valve - Please note these are made to order and may be on an extended lead time. The Keraflo Aylesbury “KP” Type Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valves are ideal to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored water in cold water storage tanks with or without raised float valve chambers.


The KP type valve comprimises of an in-line control valve and the KB type valve acting as a pilot. The pilot valve offers a fully variable delayed action making this ideal for mains or pumped systems. When the water level inside the tank falls the “KP” type valve does not immediately open, there is a delay until the water level has fallen to the user selected level, when this occurs the valve moves from a fully closed to a fully open position allowing water to flow back into the tank at a maximum flow rate, when the water level has returned to it’s full level the valve closes preventing any dribbling.


Features of Aylesbury ‘KP’ type float valve kits include the following:

  • High Kv Value - The standard ‘KP’ Control Valve offers excellent flow rate performance.
  • Raised Valve Chamber - Can be small as it only has to accommodate a 3/4” KB valve and discharge assembly.
  • Facilitates Air Gaps - The Aylesbury ‘KB’ Valve is supplied with a 2m long adjustable chain as standard allowing the closing level to be set below any combination of Weir Slot, Overflow and/or Warning Device.
  • Quiet Operation - Aylesbury valves are quieter than conventional valves due to the elimination of Water Hammer, Valve Bounce, “Hiss” and Dribble.
  • Accessibility - An externally mounted Control Valve can be easily inspected, adjusted and if required serviced. Re-chlorination of the tank is not necessary provided the tank lid is not removed.


Optional Extra

Upstream Pressure Sustaining Regulator - the Control Valve regulates itself to leave the desired minimum upstream pressure (Adjustable 1 - 6 Bar).



  • No Water Hammer
  • Full Flow During Fill
  • Maximises Tank Capacity
  • Maintenance Free
  • No backing plate required
  • Suitable for all types of Air Gap applications
  • No Valve Bounce
  • No Dribble
  • Delayed Action
  • Tank Wall Stress negligible
  • Ideal for Fire Sprinkler Systems


Flexibility and ease of Installation

Conventional Float Valves above 3” are heavy and cumbersome often necessitating a two person installation. When the ‘KP’ Control Valve is mounted outside the tank at floor level, no heavy lifting is required.

The Control Valve can be mounted in one of four positions:

  • Vertically in the pipe work (preferred option)
  • Outside the tank at floor level
  • Outside the tank above the tank water level
  • Inside the tank above the tank water level


Multiple Discharges

To reduce the risk of stagnation, two or more discharges can be connected to the outlet of the control valve. Since the Filling Pipe is only subjected to low pressure, thin wall PVC pipe can be used. The ‘KP’ Valve can also be configured to service twin/partitioned tanks. ‘KP’ Valves can operate in tanks as shallow as 1 metre in depth. The standard Aylesbury ‘KB’ Pilot valve enables an opening level 2m below the inlet level. A longer chain can be supplied if required for installation in deep tanks. All valves are WRAS approved. Keraflo valves are manufactured in England and designed to operate for long periods of time without maintenance.

More Information
Product Type Float Valve
Custom Shipping 20.000000
Manufacturer Keraflo
Model Range Keraflo KP
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Product Code A/KP50
Connection Type 2"