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Home Booster Water Pumps

We can offer a range of home booster pump sets to help solve instances of poor mains water pressure. Our pre-assembled, easy to install booster pump sets will increase water pressure around most properties. A professionally sized and installed home booster water pump will provide a perfect solution to overcoming low water pressures around the home.

Automatic home booster pumps are used where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet your needs and provide adequate water flow to the domestic appliances and outlets in the home, such as showers and taps. If you’ve ever experienced a sudden change in water temperature or pressure in the shower due to somebody in the home using a tap, you’ll be thankful to know that installing a booster pump for home water pressure can stop this from happening! They are suitable for most domestic properties with one or two standard bathrooms with standard fittings, or en-suite, and cloakroom, plus other normal household appliances. A home booster pump is widely used for shower rooms, washing machines and even for gardens — perfect for the summer!

Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we have plenty of models to choose from if you’re looking for a booster pump for home use. The Lowara and Grundfos home booster and units, for example, are a great choice as they come complete with a break tank and and can be used for both hot and cold water systems. Booster pumps from DAB are another brilliant choice, with different sizes and models, all of which are WRAS approved, while Domopac’s compact and quiet running sets are great for those with space restrictions in the home. Please note, booster sets cannot be installed directly onto the mains, therefore a break tank is required.

For properties with 4 to 5 occupants, or where the storage tank refills very slowly due to poor mains water pressure, an additional water storage slave tank option is available to increase the storage capacity.

Home Booster Sets can be provided with either fixed or variable speed depending on the application.

Lead times vary, please check before you order. Each unit is built to order and fully tested before dispatch.

We offer many of our clients a fully bespoke service, through from design to commissioning and ongoing service. If you cannot find a product that fits with your precise requirements on this site, please get in touch and our in-house design team will work with you to create a bespoke unit.

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